Association priorities guided by member resolutions

The 2019 AGM saw members driving the Association forward with guidance on priorities through three resolutions, which were passed unanimously. They include:

1. increase awareness of the impacts of the social determinants of health as it relates to health inequities.
2. …to collaborate with nurses of all designations to participate in the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Nursing Now campaign to raise the profile of nursing and promote pride as a nurse.
3. …to explore the interest and possibility of expanding the Association’s membership structure to include the ‘family of nursing (registered nurse, nurse practitioner, registered psychiatric nurse, licensed practical nurse)’

The Association staff and board will take this direction and incorporate it into the work plan. Watch for further development on each of these topics as the year continues.   


Resolutions and Rationale
(Adobe PDF File)