When your patient or patient’s advocate says
“No thank you” to palliative care

Talk Tuesday - December 8, 2020

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the concept of moral distress, moral residue and moral resiliency. This presentation will highlight these concepts as well as strategies to prevent or alleviate health care providers' experiences with moral distress. This presentation will also provide examples of situations in which moral distress may arise, including the transition or refusal to receive palliative care.

1. Address the concepts of moral distress, moral residue and moral resiliency;
2. Address strategies to alleviate moral distress and moral residue;
3. Identify situations that can cause moral distress ;
4. Identify strategies to discuss transitioning to palliative care with patients and their surrogate decision makers/advocates.


Katarina Lee-Ameduri   
Clinical Ethicist, St. Boniface Hospital and the Reseau Compassion Network & Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Manitoba

Katarina Lee-Ameduri is the Clinical Ethicist at St. Boniface Hospital and the Reseau Compassion Network as well as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba. Katarina received her BA in Philosophy, cum laude, from the University of Dallas, her MA in bioethics from New York University, her JD with a concentration in health law and bioethics from the University of Minnesota, magna cum laude, order of the coif and her post-doc from Baylor College of Medicine and Houston Methodist Hospital.